Double Set Trigger, for Jaeger style rifle
Part Number: TR-JAEG
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Price: $69.00
This double lever set trigger, has a curled front trigger, and a straight rear trigger which sets flat to the wrist. It requires an open bow triggerguard. The rear trigger has octagon flats which echo the theme of the octagon barrel. The trigger plate is about .400" wide. Wax cast steel parts are finished, tempered. We stock all spare parts. Spare parts are tempered. Annealed parts are on request.

This trigger is a precision assembly made with heat treated tool steel. If either trigger must be bent to fit the triggerguard, heat the trigger to a cherry red and bend while hot. Reharden by heating to cherry red and quenching in 10W oil or mineral oil. Temper by heating to 550 degrees for 1 hour in a kitchen oven. The trigger bar can be bent slightly without heating.

Overall length 5-3/4", bar .400" wide.
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