English gun flint, 1-1/8 x 1-1/4", Brown Bess, Grice, Tower, Springfield. We are temporarily limiting purchase of this item to twelve per order. We will manually edit your order if your order exceeds that amount.
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Military muskets often work best with this size flint. Try this size in your Grice, Stowe, or Tower marked Brown Bess. Many original military locks such as the Springfield 1816 and later variations work best with this size. Pull your gun to half cock. Check and see if it will clear the 1-1/8" width and 1-1/4" length?

The finest natural flint occurs as dense grey-black nodules, within chalk deposits. Tom Fuller, a young man with a deep interest in the tradition and “lost art" of flintknapping, continued the trade. A premier gun flint maker, not so much interested in quick work, but watching, measuring, and predicting each fracture line. As he forms fine flints from gentle taps, we quickly recognize that this work, like diamond cutting, is truly a art form! Happily, he has taught an apprentice that continues this lost art today.

We import these best quality English flints, in quantity, several times each year. We keep a large supply on hand for immediate delivery during the peak summer and fall shooting seasons. However, flints are a rare commodity, entirely hand made, from selected English flint nodules, in a variety of sizes.

Order a few samples, test them, and determine which size sparks best, and lasts longest, in your flint lock. Be ready for match shooting and hunting. English gun flints never spoil, never go out of style.

Does your lock seem to prefer flints that are thicker, thinner, flatter, shorter, longer, or more nearly square? Tell us what you need, and we will do our best to select the best flint for your lock. Or specify which gun or lock you have, in our shopping cart comment box, and we will select the best size, for you. We like these nice flints!
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