Triggerguard, Lehigh County, sand cast brass
Part Number: TG-K-2-B
Availability: Out of Stock, request notification when available.
Price: $20.99
Similar to our #TG-MA-90, except thinner, more graceful, and more refined. Obviously a Lehigh County style triggerguard, for a single trigger. The sculptured, curved shape of this guard is apparently derived from earlier Germanic Jaeger hunting rifle triggerguard styles. Notice the thickened lug at the front of the bow to permit mounting a sling swivel, if desired. This feature was found on European hunting rifles and military arms. Early American triggerguards often retained the lug but omitted the swivel. Gradually this feature disappeared from American longrifles.

Overall length is 9-1/8", inside trigger bow is 2" long, and 15/16" deep.
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