French Tulle fusil de chasse,
patterned from a antique,
wax cast steel
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This triggerguard is patterned from a antique French Tulle fusil de chasse in Track's collection. Antique guns will be marked TVLLE since U and V were used interchangeably during that time. Ideal for building a Tulle fusil de chasse, from our parts.

The French fusil de chasse (hunting gun) is a bit plainer than the more decorated fine fusils. Lighter than infantry muskets, they were the choice of civilians, French Marines, and clever Indians, when available.

Wax cast steel. Mount this triggerguard with three screws. Use a #SCREW-8x58 on the front, and two #SCREW-6x58 on the grip rail.

Overall length is 11", inside trigger bow is 1-15/16" long, and 1-3/16" deep.
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