Ramrod Worm,
5-.8mm metric female thread
to fit Davide Pedersoli Second Model Brown Bess military ramrod,
for cleaning muskets, removing patches, cards, wads,
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Our steel ramrod worm has two tines.

The female thread is made to fit the Davide Pedersoli Brown Bess Second Model Musket ramrod with metric threads. The female thread is a 5-.8 mm metric thread, which is nearly identical to our standard 10-32 thread.

Used primarily to pull patches, wads, and cards, this worm is ideal for use on guns with .50 caliber and larger bores. We do not recommend using this worm to remove a stuck ball. Instead, use our special Ball Puller screw ramrod tip, such as our #BP-75-10.

Originally used as a cleaning tip, a wad of "tow" was used instead of a costly woven cotton patch. Tow is the cotton and or linen fiber waste, accumulated when spinning thread from cotton or linen fiber. Spinning wheels were common in early America, as every woman and many men found it to be unpatriotic to buy imported thread, yarn, or fabric. We made our own, as a cottage industry in nearly every home.

Today, cotton balls closely resemble the "tow" fiber of the old days. A wad of cotton balls, wrapped around this ramrod worm, wetted with Track's best Bore Clean solvent, can quickly clean your gun's bore, at very low cost.

Shotguns and fowling guns were often outfitted with patch worms, carried in the hunting pouch.

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