Ramrod for Mortimer 12 gauge shotgun by Davide Pedersoli,
3/8" tapered hickory, 34-7/8" lock, Brass tips, with tempered steel ball puller hidden under the end cap.

Made by Track of the Wolf, in Elk River, Minnesota, we make the brass tips and assemble the ramrod
Part Number: RAMROD-347-MORTIMER-12-H
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Ramrod, 34-7/8" hickory, stained brown, tapered, with brass tips, for 12 ga Davide Pedersoli & Co. Mortimer shotgun.

The front end is fitted with a correct tulip shaped flared brass tip for pushing wads and cards.

The rear end is fitted with a hardened and tempered sharp steel wad worm, concealed under a brass tip.

The rear 13-1/4" are tapered to allow this ramrod to enter the Mortimer's undersize rod hole. The brass worm has a rounded edge on the cover, to glide easily past the wedge key lugs.

Made in the USA, of real hickory, by Track of the Wolf, Inc.
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