Flint Priming Valve,
dispenses about 1 grain weight
of FFFFg priming powder,
fits 7/32" hole, solid brass
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This tiny brass priming valve has a knurled body, which may be glued to your wood, horn, or antler priming flask.

Drill deep enough to hold a quantity of priming powder. The valve spout unscrews, to allow refilling through the brass body using a funnel. Use FFFFg black powder, for priming only. Best quality, made in the USA, this tiny valve squirts about one grain weight of priming powder, each time the nozzle is pressed into the pan of your pistol or rifle. Never fill the pan more than one third to one half full!

A typical small rifle or pistol flint lock requires one charge (one push). Large Siler or Chambers' fowling gun locks may use two charges (two quick pulses). A military musket may use as much as three (3) pulses.

Glue the knurled cylinder into a 7/32" hole. Unscrew and remove the nozzle to fill your flask with FFFFg.

Replaces TRESO 11-06-31. Made in the USA, of solid brass and spring steel.
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