English 1-1/8" breech & tang with integral sight base,
with 3/4-16 threads
Part Number: PLUG-TAN-18-3
Availability: We are currently out of this item. Future delivery is unknown.
Price: $69.99 Closeout
Wax cast of malleable steel, the tang only is about 5" long and has an integral sight base for a tang sight, cast in place. Not made for a specific sight, you may create your own tang sight, or modify one of our Vernier sights to fit. The sight base has a 1/4" slot, and the raised base lugs are 1/2" diameter, spotted at the center for the pivot hole. The tang may be straightened or bent cold. The sight base may be cut away, removed without a trace, since the tang is full thickness under the lugs.

The plug is 7/8" long not including the threads or hook and has been x-ray inspected. The short .500" thread depth allows direct drilled ignition with no right angle turns inside.

Available in both 3/4-16 or 7/8-14 threads. Be sure to order a "lock bar" sold separately, to be solder mounted to your barrel ahead of any square snail English style breech plug.
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