Antique Belgian Musket
.69 caliber, 39" barrel,
walnut stock, brass trim, reconverted flintlock
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This antique musket began its life as a flint lock was converted to percussion and later reconverted back to flintlock. Stocked in straight grained walnut the musket is trimmed in brass furniture with a military influence. This musket may have been constructed for a "fencibles unit" which were a British home guard that were armed by a patron rather than the British government. We suspect the musket is Belgian in origin. Weight of the musket is 7 pounds and it has a trigger reach of 13-1/2".

The .69 caliber barrel is 39" from the breech to the muzzle. The tapered round barrel was likely once finished armory bright but has developed a dark patina over time. A few markings can still be found on the barrel, near the breech. The marking appear to be a P M over illegible and 183 and 2. The musket does not have any typical proof marks visible. The .69 caliber bore measures .695" diameter and is dark with pitting visible over the full length of the bore. The barrel has a bottom mounted bayonet lug.

The straight grained walnut stock appears to have been sanded. The forearm has a 2-1/2" long horizontal crack ahead of the middle barrel pin. All the barrel pins have small brass escutcheon plates around them, these appear to be a latter addition to the musket. From above the tapered comb of the musket can be seen. The stepped buttplate comb extension is a familiar shape on British muskets. Further forward on the musket the flared thumbnail tang of the breech plug sits above the level of the wood due to approximately 200 years of drying and shrinkage. The bottom view of the musket shows off the rounded toe of the gun and the brass triggerguard. This particular guard has the same acorn style finial at the front and long stepped finial at the rear. The guard has been pinned into position as is traditional. Continuing forward and out of the picture, the steel ramrod is held in place by three brass ramrod pipes, all smaller versions of those found on the Brown Bess musket. The rod appears original to the gun. A brass muzzlecap has been fit to protect the end grain of the stock. The side panel is fitted with a flush mounted flat sideplate with a pointed tail that resembles the rear triggerguard finial design.

The lock has been reconverted back to flintlock with Jim Chambers small Queen Anne lock parts. The cock, pan, frizzen, and frizzen spring are all modern replacements. The lock plate has very worn lettering and the name over WARRENTED is no longer legible. The lock plate has a pointed tail with engraving across the tail. We recommend a 3/4" by 7/8" flint in this lock. The lock has a secure half cock notch and sparks very well.

If you are in the marked for an antique British firearm, this may be the proper piece you are looking for. Borrowing heavily from the design of the Brown Bess musket, this percussion conversion may very well have served a member of the East India Company or been imported into North America for trade in the Canadian colony.

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