Iroquois Tomahawk,
2-7/8" edge, wax cast 4140 steel,
cast-in correct period floral engraving,
22" tapered hickory handle,
made in the U.S.A.
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Price: $44.99
Our Iroquois tomahawk head is wax cast of 4140 alloy steel. The 6-1/4" head has a 2-7/8" edge. The head is a precise wax casting, and will require deburring and polishing.

Deburr the front of the "poll" (hammer face), to remove the casting gage, using a few long strokes of a fine file. Polish the blade surfaces by hand, using fine emery paper or fine sandpaper, backed with a hard rubber or wooden block. Avoid using power wheels which give a modern "bright buffed" appearance.

Or brown it with our #BC-PBI-5 hot browning reagent.

Or blue it with out #VANS-BLUE instant cold bluing reagent.

Includes our 22" long hickory Carlos Gove pattern tomahawk handle with a swell along the bottom of the handle. Sanded smooth, this handle is ready for stain or oil finishing, if desired.

The eye is shaped with a flat poll with molded edges, engraved with an incised star burst design. The blade has an incised line and dashed border, with a traditional leaf design.

Made in the U.S.A. by Track of the Wolf, wax cast of tempered 4140 alloy steel, a few licks of a fine file, before each day's use, will keep the edge sharp.
Tomahawk handle,
18" hickory,
for larger Tomahawks
Tomahawk handle, 18" hickory, for larger Tomahawks
Part Number: HANDLE-STD
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Track's Catalog 18,
Out of Print
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Track's Catalog 18, Out of Print Please use our FREE on-line catalog and web site.
Part Number: CATALOG-18
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Price: $10.00
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