Carbonitriding Surface Hardening Compound,
with Track's detailed instructions for best frizzen sparking,
safe, easy to use in a home workshop, non-toxic,
4 oz., made in the USA
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Tru-Spark Case Hardening Compound

This unique product requires only two or three minutes at high temperature to achieve a good wearing surface with fine grain structure, ideal for hardening frizzens to spark well. You will need a Oxygen Acetylene torch for hardening a frizzen. Small steel parts may be hardened using a Propane torch. Medium size parts require MAPP gas.

Use for case hardening low carbon steels. We use it to carburize critical surfaces that must retain surface hardness, such as wax cast steel lock parts, especially frizzens, tumblers, sears, flys, screw slots, chisels, screwdriver blade ends, engraving points, and other tools.

TRU-SPARK compound works quickly, hardening to a uniform depth. Both carbon and nitrogen are added to the surface, allowing it to be quenched to a high hardness, while retaining a soft tough core. Tru-spark will protect highly finished surfaces from decarburization while hardening. After quenching, the surface is clean and hard. Reliable, inexpensive, nonpoisonous, nonexplosive, nonflammable.

Our instructions for carburizing a frizzen will be included, or may be downloaded as a .pdf on the download tab.
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