The Complete Book of Tanning Skins and Furs
by James Churchill
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Here is everything you need to know to make soft leather and dressed furs from skins of small and large furbearers, domestic animals, reptiles, and birds. Organization by specific animals.

In addition to covering all types of skins, beginning with those of small animals and graduating to larger, more difficult projects. This book also details the tools and equipment necessary for each. Information on making your own tools and tanning solutions is provided.

Whether you're a newcomer to tanning or a experienced hand, this is an invaluable guide to every facet of the age-old art. With this how-to reference handy, you can learn to make a number of leather and fur products that are useful and decorative. Hard cover, black and white photos, 198 pages.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
  • Introduction to Tanning: Procedures, Tools, and Materials
  • Tanning Small Animal Skins: Beginning Projects Squirrel and Raccoon
  • Tanning Small Furbearers: Muskrat, Weasel, Skunk, Mink, and Rabbit
  • Making Buckskin
  • Tanning Large Furbearers: Fox, Coyote, Otter, Fisher, Beaver, and Racoon
  • Tanning Moose and Elk Hides
  • Tan Your Own Bearskin Rug
  • Tanning Thin Domestic Animal Skins: Sheep, Goat, Calf, and Pig
  • Tanning Thick Domestic Hides for Rugs, Robes, or Leather: Horse or Cow
  • Tanning Reptiles, Fish, and Bird Skins: Alligator, Fish, Snake, Frog, Lizard, and Bird
  • Making Your Own Tanning Tools
  • Primitive Tanning Methods: History, Traditional Methods, and Projects
  • Using Your Leather: Grades, Tools, and Projects
  • Solutions and Formulas
  • Glossary
  • Index

ISBN: 0-8117-1719-4

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