The Book of Forging,
Basic Techniques & Examples
by Karl Gissing
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This quick-reference overview explains the basic of all aspects of blacksmithing. Focusing on the use of only the most essential tools and equipment, it keeps info simple for the beginner and features mores than 450 photos. Summaries cover the tools of forging, their uses, and the essential equipment in the work space; the differences amount free-form forging, drop forging, industrial, hot-work, and cold work; the steps of the process, like bending, joining, riveting, welding, chiseling off, and splitting; and the chemistry of iron and steel. The book also shows, in quick-view format, 44 types of forged items, from hooks to tool handles, with comments on their forged features. Hard bound, 157 pages, 81/2" by 9-1/2" format, color images.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
  • Foreword
  • Forging
    • The History of Forging
    • Forging Techniques
    • Free-Form Forging
    • Drop Forging
    • Cold Work Forging
    • Industrial Forging
    • Basic Tasks of Free-Form Forging
    • Upsetting
      • Upsetting Process
      • Upsetting on an Anvil
      • Upsetting in a Vise
      • Upsetting in a Perforated Plate
    • Flattening
    • Spreading
    • Drawing out a Form
    • Twisting (Torsion)
      • Examples of Different Ways to Twist a Workpiece
    • Bending
    • Joining
      • Riveting
    • Types of Rivets
    • Examples of Rivet Joints
      • Screwed Joint
      • Soldered Joint
      • Brazing
      • Soldering
      • Welding
      • Forge Welding
      • Gas Welding
      • Arc Welding
      • Making a Collar
      • Crimping
      • Punched Joints
    • Cutting
      • Chiseling Off
      • Splitting
      • Bench Shears
      • Abrasive Cutting Machine
      • Oxyfuel Cutting
      • Plasma Cutting
    • Fullering
  • Equipping the Workshop
    • Heating Facilities
    • Coal-Fired Forge
    • Gas Forge
    • Mobile Gas Forge
    • Field Forging (Mobile Forging)
    • Oxyfuel Tools
    • Propane Gas Jet
    • Hammer and Anvil
    • Hammer and Anvil
    • AnvilHammers
      • Power Hammers
    • Bench Vise
    • Tongs and Pliers
    • Locking Pliers
    • Auxiliary Equipment
    • Swage Block and Die Plate
    • Fire Tools
    • Hydraulic Press
    • Twisting Wrench
    • Thickness Gauge
    • Anvil Attachments (Anvil Stakes)
    • Files
    • Welding Tools
    • Tools for Grinding and Sanding
    • Polishing Tools
    • Tools for Bending
      • Using a Vise
      • Bending Fork
      • Bending Jig
      • Bending Jig for Volutes and Scrolls
  • The Materials Iron & Steel
    • Ferrous Materials
    • Pure Iron
    • Pig Iron
    • Steel
    • Cast Iron
    • Cast Steel
    • Wrought Iron
    • Basic Materials of Forging
    • Iron
      • Iron and Steel Production
    • Steel
      • Development of Steel Production
      • Steel - Structure and Properties
      • Explanation of Terms
      • Other Elements in Steel Metalloids
    • Metalloids Mode of Action
    • Important Alloying Elements
    • Classification of Steels
      • Designation of Steels
    • Methods for Determining Steel Grades
      • Spark Test
      • Determining Steel Grade by Spectral Analysis
      • Corrosion Resistant Steels
      • Damascus Steel
    • Nonferrous Metals (N-F Metals)
      • Copper
      • Titanium
      • Silver
      • Gold
    • Hardening
    • Tempering
    • Annealing
      • Stress Relief Annealing
      • Normal Annealing
    • Heat Treatment Errors
    • Determining Hardness
      • Brinell Hardness (HB)
      • Vickers Hardness (HV)
      • Rockwell Hardiness (HRC)
    • Further Information on Metal Properties
  • Practical Forging
    • Forged Tools for Agriculture and Forestry
    • Scythes
    • Axe and Hatchet
      • Making an Axe
      • Forging a Sappie from a Square Block
      • Forging a Hooked Sappie or Hookaroon from a Blank
    • Crampons
    • Tools for Working the Soil
    • Forging a Planting Hoe
    • Other Forged Parts for Agriculture and Forestry
    • Cramp Irons
    • "Logging Staples"
    • Rings
    • Hooks
    • The Farrier
    • Making Simple Forged Pieces
    • Simple Basic Elements of an Artistically Forged Scroll
    • Spirals
    • Balls
    • Rivet Header
    • Volutes
      • Bending a Volute from a Round Steel Bar -- A Sample Volute Serves as a Template
    • Nails and Rivets
      • Work Process
    • Screws for Ornamental Heads
    • Rivets with Ornamental Heads
    • Handle for and Old Chest Lid
    • Handle with Basket Twist
    • Handle with Ball
    • Small Candleholder
    • Candleholder with Crossed bars
    • Candleholders for Wall Mounting or with Stand
    • Forging Leaves
      • Four-Blade Leaf of Sheet Metal
    • Bracket for a Rain Gauge
    • Flower Design Made of A Spiral and Four Leaves
    • Simple Floral Element
    • Nail Puller
    • Window Grating with Scrolls
    • Clothes Hook
    • Basket Twist
      • Making a Basket Twist by Machine
    • Window Grating
      • Method
    • Brackets
      • Bracket 1
      • Bracket 2
      • Bracket 3
    • Door Hinge
    • Door Hinge Pintle
    • Wall Cross with Split Forged Design
      • Split Forging Cross Example
    • Bottle Opener
    • Garden Stand with Volutes
    • Workpieces Forged from Scrap Metal
    • Knife Made from a Worn Out Power Saw Chain
    • Knife Made from an Old Steel Cable
  • Children and Hot Iron
    • Thermometer Holder
  • Examples of Forging
  • Appendix
    • Glossary
    • Sources and Notes
    • Literature

ISBN: 978-0-7643=5737-4

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