British Single Shot Rifles, Volume 8
Rook, Rabbit, & Miniature Rifles
Later Types & Hammerless Models
by Winfer & Tom Rowe
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This volume completes the study of the British Rook, Rabbit, and Miniature Rifles. As this story is so large and there is such a variety of these interesting rifles this could never be a book that covers each and every facet. We illustrate and detail the hammerless rifles that are true gems of the gunmakers art. We continue with the diminutive and rare falling blocks in the rook size. A couple of pages are also devoted to some of the American rifles that were imported for this sport. A large section covers the small action Martini's that captured so much of the use. A selection of the rare rook-size and miniature double rifles are shown. Ammunition that was used in these rifles as well as loading data and how to make cartridges from currently available brass is discussed. Also the adapters to be used to allow military rifles to use low power rook type cartridges. Also included is a chapter that shows the beautifully made reloading tools that accompanied these rifles.

Hardcover 415 pages, black and white illustrations, color photos.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 The Trades's Box Lock Actions
  • Chapter 2 The Anson & Deeley Action
  • Chapter 3 P. Webley & Son & Webley & Scott
  • Chapter 4 Slab Sided Hammerless Actions
  • Chapter 5 Samuel Blakemore Airport
  • Chapter 6 The Field Hammerless Action
  • Chapter 7 Holland & Holland Pat. No. 1294 of 1882
  • Chapter 8 Forend Fasteners
  • Chapter 9 Falling Block Actions
    • Alexander Henry
    • Bailey - Bonehill
    • Comblain
    • Fraser
    • George Gibbs
    • W.J. Jeffery
    • Webley & Scott Ltd.
    • Westley Richard
  • Chapter 10 American Imported Rook Rifles
  • Chapter 11 C&H Certus Bolt Actions
  • Chapter 12 Martini Rook Actions
    • Zeller
    • W.W. Greener
    • Westley Richards
  • Chapter 13 Double Rifles
  • Chapter 14 Ammunition
  • Chapter 15 Adaptors for Military Rifles
  • Chapter 16Reloading Tools
  • Chapter 17 Reloading Tools
  • Index

ISBN 978-1-931464-58-1
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