Practical Leatherwork
Cutting, Sewing, Finishing & Repair

by Carsten Bothe
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Leather is a strong and versatile material, and indispensable when you're working, hunting, or exploring outdoors. Hunter and outdoor professional Carsten Bothe offers the ultimate beginner's guide for this useful hobby. These photo-rich, step-by-step instructions prove that anyone can learn the techniques of cutting, sewing, and finishing to make, or repair, your essential leather items. You'll learn how to make a seam, to wet-form, to apply button studs and rivets, and everything else needed to master the basics. Five useful projects - good looking, and able to be put to practical use - help you put what you've learned into practice: make your own belt, dog leash, belt bag, knife sheath, and leather holster. Whether you are a hunter, reenactor, knife maker, scout, horseback rider, or bushcraft fan, or you use leather in other ways, here is your guide to a new skill. Soft bound, 111 pages, color photos & illustrations, 7-1/2" x 9" format.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
  • Foreword
  • Leather-Crafting Materials
    • Workplace and Materials
      • The Workplace
      • The Leather
        • Tanning and Types of Leather
      • How Do You Find Good Leather?
      • The Thread
        • Natural and Man-Made Materials
      • Twisted and Braided Thread
      • Preparing the Thread
  • The Tools
    • Cobbler's Knife
    • Round Knife
    • Cobbler's Hammer
    • Wing Divider
    • Edge Beveler
    • Stitching Groover
    • Grooving Tool
    • Needles
    • Lacing-Stitching Pony
    • Bone Folder
    • Spokeshave for Leather
    • Awls
    • Stitching Wheel (Stitching Interval Marker)
    • Glue
    • Drive Punches / Punch Pliers
    • Chamfer Tool
  • Buckles
    • Materials for Buckles
    • Simple Buckles
    • Roller Buckles
    • Double-Bar Buckles
    • Plate Buckles or Conchos
  • Fundamentals
    • Snap Fasteners and Rivets
    • Mounting Snap Fasteners
    • Button Studs (a.k.a. Button or Round-Head Rivets)
    • Setting Rivets
  • Marking and Cutting Out Leather
    • Marking Leather
    • Cutting Out Leather
  • A Simple Seam
    • What Makes a Good Seam
    • Fastening the Leather for Sewing
    • How to Pierce the Holes
    • Sewing
    • Trimming a Seam
    • Binding Threads
    • Sewing Leather Straps Together
  • Projects
    • Sewing a Belt
      • Finishing an Edge
      • What Makes a Good Belt
      • Sewing on a Buckle
      • Setting a Rivet for a Pack Strap
    • Sewing a Dog Leash
      • Finishing the Dog Leash
    • Sewing a Belt Bag
    • Sewing a Knife Sheath
      • Sewing a Quiver-Style Sheath
      • Sheath for a Bowie
    • Sewing a Leather Holster
      • What Really Matters
      • Measuring
      • Sewing
      • Wet-Forming

ISBN: 978-0-7643-5744-2

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