Handles, for bullet mold, LEE Commercial mold handles for six cavity molds, also fit Lyman, RCBS and similar mold blocks.
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Handles, for bullet mold, LEE Commercial mold handles, fit Lyman, RCBS and similar mold blocks, and also LEE multi-cavity molds.

Notice the geometry of the inner jaws, at the mounting screw holes. The slight angle allows both large and small Lyman molds to align perfectly. Considering the low cost, long length for leverage, and cool comfortable operation, you can dedicate a set of these handles to every mold, very convenient.

Precision made by Lee, use these mold handles on these mold blocks:

LEE 6 Cavity Mold Blocks (with the clever compound leverage sprue cutter handle), our favorite!

LYMAN large mold blocks, sometimes called "double cavity" blocks, a perfect fit.

LYMAN small mold blocks, sometimes called "single cavity" blocks, a perfect fit. Lyman no longer makes small mold blocks, so this may be the only choice for your older molds.

PEDERSOLI molds appear to be identical to Lyman. They fit well.

PALMETTO (Italy) molds appear to be identical to Lyman. These fit well, and we use ours frequently.

THOMPSON CENTER mold blocks are the same size as the small Lyman blocks, except they are anodized alumunum, and fit well.

OHAUS mold blocks are the same size as the small Lyman blocks, and fit well.

GREEN MOUNTAIN mold blocks are the same size as the small Lyman blocks, and fit well.

SHILOH molds appear to be similar to Lyman, and should fit well. We have not tested these.

RCBS mold blocks are a bit larger than large Lyman blocks, but these handles can be made to fit well. Some RCBS blocks have slots that are "too tight" for these handles, but generally they fit well.

STEVE BROOKS molds appear to be about the same size as RCBS blocks, and may fit well.

PAUL JONES mold blocks appear to be nearly identical to RCBS mold blocks, and may fit well.

NEI mold blocks are made in one, two, three cavity, and perhaps other sizes. These fit quite well.

SAECO molds and LACHMILLER molds are similar to RCBS, except the mounting screws require a .008" larger hole than LEE provides. Simply enlarge the two .179" holes to .187", using a common 3/16" drill bit. They work perfectly after enlarging the screw holes in these handles.

HOCH molds are unique nose pour molds, with upper and lower sprue plates. We have not attempted to mount these handles on HOCH molds by David Farmer, since they always come with handles mounted?

HINTS: a small wide rubber band, slipped over the wooden grips, will "self close" the mold during cool down. We keep a supply of these rubber bands at hand. They last a few weeks, and are very convenient.

After a few weeks of hard use, the hot steel frame will cause the wooden handles to loosen. If you allow the nickel plated steel end cap to slip forward, you may crack the wood. If this happens, reassemble the wooden parts with Elmer's Carpenter's Glue, and they will work as good as new.

This decorative bezel is made to surround and support the end grain of the wooden grips, and prevent charring in case of excess heat. It must be retained in the correct position.

To permanently solve this problem, we drill a 1/16" hole through the rear center of each end cap and the wood, and the steel frame. We tap in a 1/16" paneling nail (sold at home improvement and lumber stores, panel nails are colored to match the paneling, and the steel is tempered). Grind or snip away the sharp tip that protrudes at the bottom, and you need never be concerned about a loose wooden handle, ever again!

SEND YOUR SUGGESTIONS: If you know of other brands of molds that will or will not fit, or handy tips for using these handles, send your suggestions and comments.
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