Lee combination .45 caliber, 200 grain R.E.A.L. & .440" diameter round ball mold, includes handles
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Lee molds are aluminum blocks, in permanently attached steel handles with sturdy grips. Aluminum blocks won't rust, lead won't adhere, and they heat quickly. But they are softer than blued steel and require gentle handling. If you treat these high precision molds with care and respect, they will last a lifetime. The cavity cannot rust.

Gently break in your new mold. New molds require a break in period, and are most likely to be damaged during first use. Wash the mold cavity, dry, and lubricate the cavity and the underside of the sprue plate with candle smoke. As you cast, increase your casting speed to increase temperature and bullet quality. Apply more smoke, as needed. Be gentle!

To test these bullets, order #BALL-45-REAL .45 caliber, LEE Precision R.E.A.L., hand cast pure lead, per 20.

R.E.A.L. = Rifling Engraved At Loading, with lower bands to thumb start, top band slightly larger to engrave the rifling and provide compression during firing.. Use your normal ball starter to bump this bullet into a wiped bore, to engrave the rifling, after applying lubricant.

Each .45 caliber R. E. A. L. bullet weighs about 332 grains.

Apply #LUBE-SPG or #LEE-ALOX-S to fill the grease grooves, using fingers, before loading. When hunting in cold weather, use #MINK-OIL tallow instead of normal bullet lubricant. Do not use Crisco or other vegetable grease. We do not recommend synthetic miracle lubricants.

Order this bullet mold and cast your own. Never buy bullets or balls again!
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