stock, Hawken halfstock, pre shaped, pre-inlet,
1" octagon barrel, L&R Hawken lock, fancy maple
Part Number: STK-HSI-16-M3
Availability: Out of Stock, request notification when available.
Price: $249.00
Shaped on a spindle carver, this stock is pre-inlet for a 1" straight octagon barrel, our T. Gibbons' Hawken lock, #LOCK-LR-100, percussion hooked breech with fitted tang #PLUG-LR-16-3, and long Hawken double set trigger, #TR-LR-1400. Our L&R lock is available pre-notched for the plug, and has the hammer angled to fit the nipple without bending. We recommend our #TR-LR-1400 with curved front trigger for this rifle. Our classic Hawken triggerguard with pistol grip rail will look great on this 1840 style halfstock rifle.

Adjustable for buttplate position and trigger reach. We recommend our #BP-HAWK-L-I buttplate. Although much of the inletting is complete, you must compare each part's location against your center-line marks, and make any alignment adjustments as you finish each inletting cut. When selecting chisels, the smallest of each style will be most useful. A true Hawken rifle is a complex design, and is not considered to be a good first project for the novice scratch builder.

Cut for a 1" octagon barrel. Stocks milled for a 1" barrel have a 7/16" rod hole drilled full depth. Not cut for a buttplate, you may install your choice of early wide buttplate or late narrow buttplate. Pull length may be up to 14-1/4", with 3-3/4" drop, and a 15" forend length. Butt end is about 4-1/2" x 1-1/2" width. The beaver tail cheek piece is Hawken's classic design.

Specifications for pre-inlet stocks:
  • Drop and trigger reach: drop is 3-3/4" from the line of sights to heel, at 14-1/4" of pull
  • Barrel channel size: 1" straight octagon
  • Breech plug: #PLUG-LR-16-3 L&R 1" percussion hooked breech plug & tang
  • Butt end: 1-1/2" wide by 4-1/2" high, not cut for buttplate
  • Escutcheons: #IN-SLOT-2-I oval escutcheons for keys
  • Lock, flint: none available
  • Lock, percussion: #LOCK-LR-100 L&R Hawken Rifle, right hand percussion lock
  • Ramrod hole & groove: 7/16" diameter, drilled full depth
  • Triggers: #TR-LR-1400 L&R double lever double set triggers
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