Carlos Gove's Chunk Gun Adjustable Rear Sight
Part Number: RS-3A
Availability: Out of Stock, request notification when available
Price: $32.99
Modeled after an antique rear sight on a heavy barrel percussion target rifle by famous American gun maker Carlos Gove, this sight is sometimes called a "chunk gun sight" since heavy percussion rifles were often shot from prone position with the forend resting on log or "chunk". Use this sight on a late fullstock or heavy barrel halfstock Plains rifle with a 1" or 1-1/8" octagon or heavier barrel.

Easily installed, no tempering is required. Simply file and polish these castings, drill and tap a pivot hole in the barrel, cut a dovetail notch, slide and screw this primitive adjustable rear sight into position. In actual use, the dovetail bar is positioned 3/8" behind the rear sight, exactly 4-1/4" from the pivot screw hole.

This rear sight kit ncludes: long sight body with integral blade, dovetail saddle, step bar, mounting screw, and illustrated instructions. Wax cast steel, made in the U.S.A.
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