Hawken Rifle Capbox Kit,
pineapple finial, cast steel,
5-7/8" overall length,
complete with springs and screws
Part Number: PB-HAWK-2-I
Availability: Out of Stock, request notification when available.
Price: $52.99
Known as the "Pineapple Capbox" or early Hawken patchbox, this kit is not difficult to install. The patchbox lid is inlet first, and the side hinge hangs straight down, mounting to the inside of the patchbox cavity. You need not be too concerned about inletting gaps because the decorative bezel completely surrounds the hinged lid, and is installed separately. Take time, and fit it neatly to your stock.

Curved to fit your stock, our early Hawken "Pineapple" patchbox kit is cast, made of .090" thick steel. An over-center cam spring, and mounting screw are included. Overall length is 5-7/8".

This complete kit includes precision wax castings that require some fitting, assembly, and polishing, plus the springs and screws needed to mount the patchbox. The patchbox door spring is mounted vertically to the bottom of the cavity. The dog leg bend applies pressure to a cam lobe on the center hinge of the door, holding it open and closed. To remove the plating from the screws, simply hold them with needle-nose pliers, and heat the screw head to bright red in an open flame. Fumes are toxic, so do this outdoors.

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