The Paper Jacket
by Paul Matthews
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Essential reading for the Sharps or Rolling Block shooter. Paper patched bullets can achieve velocities and trajectories rivaling those of metal patched (copper jacketed) bullets. The author discusses selecting papers, bullets, sizing, lubricants, and loading techniques. Soft bound, 6 x 9" format, 140 pages.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 Background
  • Chapter 2 The Bullet
  • Chapter 3 Casting the Paper Patched Bullet
  • Chapter 4 Sizing, Bumping and Swaging
  • Chapter 5 The Paper Jacket
  • Chapter 6 Applying the Patch
  • Chapter 7 The Patching Board
  • Chapter 8 Lubrication
  • Chapter 9 Waterproofing the Jacket
  • Chapter 10 Cutting Patches in Quantity
  • Chapter 11 Loading the Paper Patched Bullet
  • Chapter 12 Theory of the Paper Patched Bullet
  • Chapter 13 Back to the Beginning

ISBN: 1-879356-02-3
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