Reloading Tools, Sights & Telescopes
for Single Shot Rifles

by Gerald O. Kelver
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This book details the various types of hand reloading tools, and the sights and telescopes that have been used through the years on single-shot rifles. Many of the companies that produced these items, as well as individuals who custom made them, have been mentioned. An entire chapter has been devoted to the Schuetzen rifle. Valuable information from the writings of recognized experts like Ned H. Roberts, Harry M. Pope and H. Guy Loverin, has been included in the last four chapters. Profusely illustrated with photos and line drawings. Soft bound, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2" format, 163 pages.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
  • Chapter 1 Reloading Tools
  • Chapter 2 Ideal Reloading Tools
  • Chapter 3 Winchester Repeating Arms Company Reloading Tools
  • Chapter 4 Rifle Sights
  • Chapter 5 Telescopes Used on Single Shot Rifles
    • Buckeye Telescope
    • Rural Mfg. Co. of Rifle Telescopes
    • Duplex Telescope Sight
    • Lyman Gunsight Corporation
    • William Malcolm
    • Stevens Arms and Tool Company
    • J.W. Sidle
    • Fred L. Smith
    • Winchester Repeating Arms Co.
    • Wollensak
    • O.F. Mossberg and Sons, Inc.
    • John Unertl
    • J.W. Fecker Telescopes
    • Litschert Target Telescopes
    • John Jamieson and John Redfield
  • Chapter 6 Commercially Produced Sights and Reloading Tools
    • Bullard Repeating Arms Company
    • Lyman Gunsight Corporation
    • Marlin Firearms Company
    • Maynard Arms, Massachusetts Arms
    • Stevens Arms Company
    • E. Remington and Sons
    • U.S. Military Tools
    • Sharps Rifle Company
    • Whitney Arms Company
    • Winchester Repeating Arms Co. Sights
  • Chapter 7 Producers of Custom Sights and Reloading Tools
    • Belding & Mull
    • Brown's Variform Reloader
    • Otto A. Bremer
    • W. Milton Farrow
    • Deane W. King
    • Adolph O. Niedner
    • Harry M. Pope
    • George C. Schoyen and Axel Peterson
    • Sheard Sights
    • Wesson Target Rifles
    • J.D. Wilkinson
    • August and William Zischang
    • Modern Vernier Sights
  • Chapter 8 Facts and Hints about Schuetzen Rifles
    • Loading the Shell
    • The Rifle Bore
    • The Chamber
    • Cartridge Cases
    • Lead Bullets
    • Lubrication of Bullets
    • Shell Indentors
    • Shot Cartridges for Rifles
    • Powder Measures
    • Re and De Cappers
    • Bullet Seaters
    • The Palm Rest
    • Set Triggers
    • Cheekpieces
  • Chapter 9 Lead Bullets and Lubricating Wads by Ned H. Roberts
  • Chapter 10 Cast Bullet Loading by H. Guy Loverin
  • Chapter 11 Gunpowders and Primers
  • Chapter 12 Offhand Rifle Shooting by Harry M. Pope
  • Chapter 13 Rest Shooting by N.H. Roberts
  • Addenda
  • 1991 Addenda
  • Bibliography

ISBN: 1-877704-21-0
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