Revolutionary War Paper Money Set ,
reproduction of 10 bills from 1775 to 1779
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From 1775 to 1779, the Continental Congress issued $241, 552,780 worth of Continental Currency in eleven different printings. Because coins were so scarce during the American Revolution, these bills and the state issued note were practically the only money in circulation. Anyone refusing to accept the money was branded a traitor and a Tory. For 1-1/2 years Continental Currency circulated at face value, but beginning in 1777 it steadily lost value until by 1780 it had declined to about 1/40th of its original value. Spawning the phrase "Not worth a Continental".

This set includes:
  • One Dollar - May 9, 1776
  • Three Dollars - November 29, 1775
  • Five Dollars - May 10 1775
  • Six Dollars - February 26, 1777
  • Seven Dollars - February 26, 1777
  • Eight Dollars - February 26, 1777
  • Thirty Five Dollars - January 14, 1779
  • Fifty Dollars - September 26, 1778
  • Fifty-Five Dollars - January 14th, 1779
  • Sixty-Five Dollars - January 14, 1779

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