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1746 Willits First Model Long Land Brown Bess,
with 46" tapered round barrel
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Britain's Board of Ordnance was restructured after 1713. The Board developed a network of makers to supply components. After 1727, arms were made to the "Kings Pattern" rather than to the earlier "Pattern of 10,000" specified by the Board. This nice musket shown was assembled by Forrest Grilley, and sold on our website.

Track's Willits 1746 dated Brown Bess is a 1742 Long Land pattern. The 1742 pattern added a pan bridle to the First Model Bess lock. Fitted with a correct wooden ramrod, issued with an armory bright finish, this gun should have a polished bright barrel and lock. The wax cast furniture is only available in brass, and the stock is black walnut. It will be an ideal arm for a 1750 - 1780 period reenactor whose interest is French & Indian War or Revolutionary War period events. The finished musket will weigh between nine to ten pounds depending on the wood density and shaping. The book #BOOK-RCBB Red Coat & Brown Bess by Anthony Darling, explains many of the details of the various models of Brown Bess musket produced for the British military.

Build a 1746 Willits marked First Model Brown Bess. Pre-inlet stocks, barrels, lock castings, and furniture wax cast directly from originals are now available. Our First Model Brown long land (Infantry) pattern musket is fitted with a convex sideplate, with two lock bolt screws. The later Second Model Brown Bess muskets have a flat sideplate.

Colerain barrels are precisely profiled to fit our pre-inlet stocks, making the barrel a snap fit in our pre-inlet stock, after squaring the inside corners of our inletting, at the breech. This is a great labor saving advantage. Pre-inlet into our 1746 First Model Brown Bess stocks, this tapered round 46" barrel has the big ring turned at the breech end. 1.464" at the breech tapering to .890" at the muzzle. Smooth bore is .775". Threaded 7/8-14. Plug is sold separately, and requires fitting. Our gunsmith can perform this operation at extra cost. Colerain rifle barrels are the favorite choice of today's best muzzle loading gun makers, because knowledgeable shooters demand Colerain's accuracy, inside and outside. Founded by two entrepreneurs, Scott Keller and Scott Kelly were tutored by Bob Paris, the famous rifle barrel maker who was first to perfect the technique for production of correct swamped barrels.
We offer a complete set of wax cast brass furniture, to fit this rifle. Furniture includes the buttplate, thumbpiece, triggerguard, trigger, forward and entry ramrod pipes, sideplate, ramrod, and ramrod tip. As cast, the castings need to have the casting gates removed by filing or grinding, and must be polished, then drilled for mounting screws, as needed.

Our 1746 Willits pattern First Model Brown Bess stock is copied from a original musket. The stock is inlet for the 1746 lock castings, buttplate, trigger, triggerplate, triggerguard, thumbpiece, ramrod pipes, and drilled full depth for a 7/16" tapered ramrod. The forearm is fully shaped, with a vise block ahead of the lock panels for easy mounting while working on the stock. Our 1746 Brown Bess stock shaping includes the tang molding around the breech end of the barrel.

These First Model Brown Bess lock parts are cast directly from an original antique lock, by Willits - 1746. Updated from previous printed catalogs the locks are now offered fully assembled, tested for correct function, but will still require polishing.

Flash Hole Liner, touch hole liner, or vent liner, is an essential part of our kit. Our standard vent has the popular 1/4-28 thread. We also offer the Jim Chambers White Lightnin' vent as a option. The special 5/16-32 fine thread allows an extra large concave cavity inside, for use on swamped octagon barrels. Made in the USA, stainless steel, with removable lug for easy installation. Order our #TAP-5/16-32 tap and drill, if you prefer this special vent.

Concave inside, the White Lightnin' vent liner brings the main powder charge very close to the incandescent heat of the priming flash. Position the vent on the center of the pan, slightly above the pan to frizzen joint, sometimes called the "sunset" position. Covered by the frizzen when closed, the hole is a window centered on the heat of your priming flash, for instant ignition, without the whoosh-bang delay, seen in many flint guns. Typically only the better quality London made guns were factory fitted with vent liners, but nearly all flint guns were later fitted with vent liners, after the vent hole in the barrel became worn from flash erosion, corrosion, or the aggressive use of a vent pick.

We include a full scale set of plans with full color images with our parts set specific to the 1742 Long Land Brown Bess musket pattern with the 1746 Willets marked lock.

Gunsmithing Labor Options are a popular low cost method of speeding assembly. Our gunsmith can install the plug (#LABOR-BP) at small extra cost, with prompt delivery.

#LABOR-BP: Our gunsmith will install your breech plug, in your barrel, with the front face of the breech plug tightly sealed against the inside shoulder of the breech thread, and the barrel maker's name indexed to the bottom flat. Threads are lubricated with Birchwood Casey's Choke Tube Lube anti-seize, so the plug may be removed, even after decades of use. Never remove a breech plug, unless you have a compelling reason. The plug is never removed for cleaning, and should only be removed by a skilled gunsmith, who has the correct tools to avoid marking your polished and finished barrel and plug.

#BOOK-RAL: We strongly recommend Recreating the American Longrifle, by William Buchele. The late William Buchele was recognized as a true master longrifle maker. But his greatest contribution to muzzle loading must be this book. He shares the step-by-step details of his craft. His work has been enhanced by the editors. This book does not assume that the reader is an expert stock maker, but begins with illustrated explanations of the basic concepts. Buchele shows several alternate approaches to most tasks. This newly revised fifth edition includes full scale plans for a carved flint longrifle, and fullstock flint pistol. Over 250 photos and drawings, within 176 pages, 8-1/2 x 11" format, soft cover.

#DVD-BML: Rifle maker James Turpin takes you start to finish on building a quality Muzzle-Loading flint rifle. Designed for the beginning to intermediate builder. DVD format, 142 Minutes.

Historic Stamps: We offer a number of historic hand stamps to give your Brown Bess Musket a authentic appearance. The King's Crown Proof mark was used by British Proof Houses to mark their approval on the breech end of the King's Musket,. View and Proof Marks were also required on all civilian guns, after testing. Our instructions are included with each tool. Or click to download, view, and print these step-by-step instructions as a .pdf file on Hand Stamp Instructions.

No Return, No Refund, No Exchange. Steel marking punches are expendable hardened steel tool bits, with a service life similar to drill bits or hand taps. The value is in the first use. Longevity is under the control of the user. We do not offer a warranty nor a refund for these tools. They are an investment for future use.

#STAMP-GR-A: The King's Crown over Arrow proof mark is generally found on the top of the barrel near the breech, or on the off side near the breech.

#STAMP-GR-CROWN: The King's Crown inspector's mark is often found below the triggerguard, inside the rod channel, inside the barrel channel, and inside the triggerguard bow.

#STAMP-GR-CS: The King's Crown and Scepters View Mark is generally found on the top of the barrel near the breech, or on the off side near the breech.

#STAMP-GR-SKM: The Store Keeper's Mark is generally found on the lock side of the butt stock, embossed directly into the wood after final finish.

We also recommend our new catalog, which describes this kit in great detail, explains the options, and shows most individual parts in exact full size photographs. Prices may change, over the years, but the technical data, dimensions, instructions, and precise photos will make this 432 page book an essential too on your work bench.

Typically 40 hours of skilled labor is required to build a longrifle rifle. Use of a drill press in recommended. A skilled mentor, as always, can be a invaluable aid in building any rifle.

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Click link to view current prices, and options; wood grades, barrels, and furniture.
Price: starting at $1,111.68

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