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Barrel Treatments on Sale NOW
Sale prices valid June 27 - July 3, 2018.
Current sale prices cannot be applied towards previous purchases.

Track's "Tried and True" Barrel Brown: This formula was documented by Zischang, the famous early gunsmith. Commonly used by early gunsmiths, it is reproduced by Track.. It is the best cold rust method of producing a very rich dark brown color on iron or steel.

No heat is used, no mercury compounds. Safe for soldered ribs and shotgun barrels. Use degreaser before application. The brown finish is composed of hydrated iron oxides. Your results can be controlled and enhanced by using a simple humidity box or closet to control the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. Full details for achieving success in 24 hours are included in our instruction sheet. Several applications, mostly unattended, over several days, is the most popular technique.

We will include our instruction sheet, free when you order Track-Brown.

Sale Price: $5.59    Regular Price: $7.99     You Save: $2.40

TRACK-BROWN-2 Track's Tried & True Browning Reagent, 2 ounces . . . $7.99 $5.59
Laurel Mountain Forge Barrel Brown: Degreasing and browning in the same easy application and no need to heat the barrel are just two of the reasons why this is one of our top items!   LMF Brown is applied cold at three hour intervals, resulting in a beautiful streak-free brown finish.  

Sale Price:  $8.99     Regular Price:  $9.99     You Save:  $1.00

LMF-BROWN Browning Reagent & Degreaser, 2.5 ounces, by Laurel Mountain Forge . . . $9.99 $8.99
44-40 Instant Gun Blue: Fast, easy, wipe-on and wipe-off application. The blueing procedure is simplicity itself. Clean and degrease the surface, wipe-on, immediately wipe-off and lightly oil. Great for aging copper or brass in restoration projects, too. Unbreakable 2 ounce bottle.

Sale Price: $8.19   Regular Price: $10.99   You Save: $2.80

BLUE-44-40 Formula 44/40 Instant Gun Blue, 2 oz. bottle . . . $10.99 $8.19
Plum Brown Barrel Finish:  This famous "hot brown" formula quickly produces a rich, authentic, chocolate brown finish on steel.  Scrub your barrel with detergent and hot water, then use degreaser. Warm the part until the solution sizzles. Swab on the solution until evenly browned. Several coats give best results, allow to cure overnight.  Plum brown barrel finish is ideal for restoring muzzle loaders and metal antiques!

Sale Price: $8.19     Regular Price: $10.59     You Save:  $2.40

BC-PBI-5 Plum Brown Barrel Finish, 5 oz. bottle, by Birchwood Casey . . . $10.59 $8.19
Cleaner-Degreaser:   This terrific solution is essential for a good blue or brown finish.  Birchwood Casey Cleaner-Degreaser is specially formulated to remove dirt, grease and oil quickly.  Cleanliness is the secret to an even finish!

Sale Price: $4.29     Regular Price: $5.29   Stock Up & Save!

BC-GC-113 Cleaner-Degreaser, 3 oz. liquid, by Birchwood Casey . . . $5.29 $4.29
Mark Lee - Slow Rust Blue #3, 4 fluid ounce bottle. Give your rifle the classic beauty and durability of a rust blue finish, for use with steel or twist barrels. Detailed instructions can be downloaded from the web site.

Sale Price: $11.29     Regular Price: $14.59   Stock Up & Save!

ML-SRBLUE3-4 Mark Lee - Slow Rust Blue #3, 4 fluid ounce bottle, classic beauty and durability, for use with steel or twist barrels . . . $14.59 $11.29
Mark Lee - Express Blue #1, 4 fluid ounce bottle for use on steel. Noted gunmaker and author John Bivins is quoted "Gunmakers, both centerfire and muzzleloader alike, have long needed a bluing solution which could be used with a minimum of amount of equipment, time, mess and hazard, which would produce a lustrous "true" blue. Detailed instructions can be downloaded off the web site.

Sale Price: $8.99     Regular Price: $11.99   Stock Up & Save!

ML-XBLUE1-4 Mark Lee - Express Blue #1, 4 fluid ounce bottle for a lustrous true blue on steel parts . . . $11.99 $8.99
Mark Lee - Express Brown #2, 4 fluid ounce bottle for use on steel and Damascus barrels. Quickly produces a durable fine traditional brown finish. Detailed instructions can be downloaded from the web site.

Sale Price: $8.99     Regular Price: $11.99   Stock Up & Save!

ML-XBROWN2-4 Mark Lee - Express Brown #2, 4 fluid ounce bottle, produces a fine traditional brown finish . . . $11.99 $8.99
Birchwood Casey Perma Color Firearm Case Coloring Kit: is specially formulated to create a case colored effect without the risk and expense of traditional case color hardening. Perma Color is great for receivers, triggerguards or any steel firearm parts that you would like a case colored appearance. This product will NOT work on aluminum, zinc, brass, or stainless steel. For this "sale special" we are including a 4 x 4" piece of .050 sheet steel for practice. Instructions are on the web and in with the kit.

Sale Price: $32.59     Regular Price: $39.99   Stock Up & Save!

BC-PERMA-CCK Perma Color Firearm Case Coloring Kit, three 1 oz. liquid bottles, nine applicators, by Birchwood Casey . . . $39.99 $32.59
English Gun Flints are made from selected English flint nodules by master knapper Tom Fuller. We have ten different sizes available ranging from Eng-3 (3/8" wide) for very small locks up to Eng-10 (1 1/4" wide) for big military muskets, wall guns, African trade guns and more.

Not sure what size flint you need? Click on the link to learn how to properly size a flint for your lock. View 3 shows how to measure.
GOEX Black Powder is our most popular brand. It is available in sporting grades: Fg, FFg, FFFg, FFFFg, Cartridge, Cowboy or Cannon. You may order any mix of granulations or brands for personal use. Minimum order is 25 pounds, maximum order is 50 pounds. Made in the U.S.A.

* Please note that black powder is available for shipping to the lower 48 states only.
Hornady round balls are die swaged from pure lead. Each ball is perfectly formed to exact size with no wrinkles or sprues. The smooth surface allows for better rotation and improved accuracy. Balls are available in a variety of calibers from .310" up to .570". Hand cast round balls are made of pure, soft lead. Each ball has a tiny flat where the sprue has been removed. Place this flat spot on top, centered on your muzzle. Balls are available in a variety of calibers from .283" up to .760".
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