bullets .54 caliber, 435 grain, for 1859 & 1863 Sharps percussion rifles and carbines, unlubricated, pack of 20
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bullets .54 caliber, 435 grain, for 1859 & 1863 Sharps percussion rifles and carbines, unlubricated, pack of 20

Sometimes called the Sharps "tie base" bullet, or the Sharps "Christmas tree" bullet, this is a copy of the original U. S. Military bullet for the percussion Sharps rifle and carbine. Loaded into paper cartridges, or sometimes into linen cartridges, we prefer to load these loose, and charge the chamber from our powder flask, eliminating the need to prepare paper cartridges in advance.

Pointed bullets are not suitable for centerfire Spencer, Winchester, Marlin, or Colt magazine rifles, or other repeating rifles where the pointed bullet rests on the primer of the next cartridge.

This multi-diameter bullet is made to seat snugly in your .54 percussion Sharps rifle or carbine. The original Sharps rifles and carbines were originally called .52 caliber, for this same bullet.

You must lubricate this bullet prior to use. We offer LUBE-SPG bullet lubricant which is easily applied by fingers. Or, use our LEE-ALOX varnish style bullet lubricant which coats the whole bullet., to prevent lead fouling. We prefer the SPG lubricant, although it is messier to apply.

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