Chisels for inletting, by Solingen

Chisels for inletting, by Solingen Our Solingen chisels are sharp, ready for use: Stroke the edge over a fine stone before and during use. Protect the tip with a wine cork, balsa block, or styrene foam during storage.

Solingen Gunmaker's Chisel Set: Our 8 best Solingen chisels, gouges & spoons. A set of two small 'V' gouges, two small deep round gouges, a small skew chisel, a small shallow round gouge, and two popular spoons.

Sharpening Stones for inletting chisels and carving knives: White Arkansas stones, square, one is a flat rectangle 1 x 3 x 3/8", the other is the same size with a tapered slip with round edges for sharpening round gouges and spoons. You can not do your best work will dull chisels. Sharp tools cut better, and are easier to work with.

Master two essentials skills: gun part geometry, and inletting:

The geometry of old guns is simple, but essential. You must understand each part, how it works, and how it fits other parts.

Practice "contact transfer stain inletting". Apply inletting black, a special grease; press the part into an undersized mortise. Remove, examine, and scrape the smudged area. Repeat until it fits.

Inletting Black: Jet black pigment in a grease base that won't dry out. Simply brush a tiny amount on the part, press it into the mortise, and the "fingerprint" left behind will make interference areas obvious. A few authors call this stuff "inletting compound" or "spotting compound".
Carving knife #52, round back, straight edge,
by Solingen, Germany
Carving knife #52, round back, straight edge, by Solingen, Germany
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