Track's new nipples - for the traditional purist hardened and tempered carbon steel, as original:

    Purists will appreciate our temper blued steel nipples, made from traditional carbon steel, as were the original nipples. Hardened and tempered to Rc 38 - 44, these long lasting nipples require hot water cleaning after each day's use, as original. Coat the nipple threads with Birchwood Casey's Choke Tube Lubricant to allow easy removal, even after a long day of competition shooting.
    Discard the factory made blued steel nipples supplied on imported replica guns, especially revolvers. Made to fit some unknown European cap, they have too much taper to prevent cap fragments from falling into the hammer notch, jamming your revolver. Our nipples fit CCI & RWS No. 11 standard caps correctly.

Track's 416 stainless steel nipples:

    Made from 416 alloy (12% Chromium), the first free machining stainless alloy with Martensitic qualities (hardenable, tempers normally, and is magnetic unlike most stainless alloys). Stronger, tougher, more resistant to battering, 416 alloy is longer lasting than the famous old Ampco bronze nipples, now obsolete.
    Truly precision turned, our nipples have tapered cones made to perfectly fit the CCI brand No. 11 standard cap, or the identical Dynamit - Nobel RWS brand No. 1075 (red label) cap. Remington No. 11 caps are a tiny bit larger, an easy fit. Track has improved the fit, and extended the life of our percussion nipples.

    The values shown for the overall length, thread journal length, and diameter of the base are ideal values and may vary slightly due to machining tolerances. We have noted a wide variety of nipple threads and lengths used on imported rifles and percussion revolvers, even on the same model from the same maker. We recommend confirming the thread, overall length, thread journal length, base diameter, and comparing the cone length. Cone length = overall length minus thread journal length. The cone length must be similar in length to the original nipple to assure good function especially in percussion revolvers.

Nipple, 1/4-32 thread, for Numrich, for #11 cap, Ampco bronze
Nipple, 1/4-32 thread, for Numrich, for #11 cap, Ampco bronze
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