Felt wads for muzzle loading and black powder cartridges

Ox-Yoke® Wonder Wads for muzzleloading shotguns. A high density, 100% wool felt wad, lubricated with all day wonder lube, that will take the place of the over powder and cushion wad. These give a dense shot pattern and increased range, without the need for wet fiber wad. Wool felt wads load easily in a full choke barrel, and it will return to its original size and shape after passing through a tight choke. A proper gas seal is maintained to give you the full benefit of your load. More costly than fiber, but very convenient.

Ox-Yoke® Wonder Wads or dry felt wads for percussion revolvers & cartridges. High density 100% wool felt wads come lubed with wonder lube, or dry. When used in a percussion revolver, the wad is used over the powder and under the round lead ball. No messy grease is needed with Wonder Wads. They safely seal each chamber and prevent chain-firing. Black powder cartridge reloaders have discovered that dry wads reduce leading and prevent melting the base of the bullet. We don't recommend wonder lube in cartridges, since the lube can wet the powder charge, in time.
.50 caliber rifle Ox-Yoke Wonder Wad,
bag of 100 lubricated felt wads
.50 caliber rifle Ox-Yoke Wonder Wad, bag of 100 lubricated felt wads
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