Cards & wads for muzzle loading shotguns

Cards & wads for muzzle loading shotguns
Our muzzleloading wads are full bore diameter. Most modern wads are made undersize, to fit within a paper or plastic cartridge case. Specify the gauge and wad or card type:
  • "A" card: .125" thick, over powder, waterproof, to seal the powder charge. 1000 per bag.
  • "B" card: .025" thick over shot card, to hold it firmly in place. 1000 per bag.
  • "C" card: .500" very thick fiber cushion wad. Lubricate before use. 500 per bag.
Gauge Bore Diameter Wad Diameter Gauge Bore Diameter Wad Diameter
4ga. 1.070" 1.050" 19ga. .626" .636"
5ga. .976" .995" 20ga. .615" .625"
6ga. .919" .935" 24ga. .579" .589"
7ga. .873" .888" 28ga. .550" .560"
8ga. .835" .850" 410 .410" .415"
9ga. .815" .803" 30cal. Rifle .310"
10ga. .775" .788" 32cal. Rifle .320"
11ga. .751" .762" 38cal. Pistol(.357") .360"
12ga. .729" .740" 38cal. Rifle .360"
13ga. .710" .720" 40cal. Rifle .410"
14ga. .693" .703" 44cal. Pistol(.429") .430"
15ga. .667" .687" 44cal. Rifle .450"
16ga. .662" .672" 45cal. Pistol(.452"-.454") .455"
17ga. .649" .659" 45cal. Rifle .460"
18ga. .637" .647" 50 cal. Rifle .510"

Shotgun Loading instructions:
  1. Charge your 12 gauge gun with up to 3 drams (82 grains) of FFg black powder. Use Fg powder for larger bores or heavier charges.
  2. Seat a .125" thick "A" card firmly on the powder charge. This thick card seals the bore, and keeps the powder dry.
  3. Insert a thick fiber "C" wad and press it in place. Soak fiber wads in cooking oil when hunting, or use our Bore Clean when trap shooting.
  4. Measure 1 ounce of lead shot. Never use steel shot in antique muzzle loading guns. Increasing the shot charge decreases velocity.
  5. Seat an overshot "B" card last. This stiff card holds the shot in place, but won't leave a hole in your pattern.
  6. Cap your nipple only when on the firing line or in your hunting field.
Grains or Drams?
  • Both are archaic English units of weight:
  • The King declared 7000 "plump grains of wheat" in one English pound. One pound weighs 7000 grains.
  • One pound is 16 ounces, each ounce has 16 drams.
  • One pound is 256 drams, one dram is 27-11/32 grains.
  • Pistols use half to one grain per caliber of bore size.
  • Rifles and shotguns use one to two grains per caliber of bore size.
6 gauge, .935" ideal for .919" bore, .125" over powder card, 500, by Circle Fly Wads
6 gauge, .935" ideal for .919" bore, .125" over powder card, 500, by Circle Fly Wads
Part Number: WAD-06-A
Availability: Out of Stock, request notification when available.
Price: $10.99
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