Jeweler's Saw, Blades & Instruction Book

Jeweler's Saw, Blades & Instruction Book The Jeweler's Saw
A guide to the Tools & Techniques of Cutting Sheet Metal Inlays by Alan Gutchess
This 24 page booklet will teach the basic techniques of creating sheet metal inlays with a jeweler's saw. Skilled use of this tool provides the ability to quickly and easily produce a variety of decorative and functional inlays for muzzleloading arms. Because you can work with patterns and materials that are not commercially available, the freedom to pursue more historically correct designs, or your own, is literally in your hands. Softbound, 5" x 8-1/2" format.

Jeweler's Deep Saw Frame
Premium quality hardened steel frame, serrated clamps hold flat, piercing and spiral saw blades firmly. Adjustable frame draws the blade tight, permits using broken blades. Large thumbscrews facilitate fast, easy blade changes. Contoured hardwood handle .

Piercing Saw Blades
Hardened, tempered, steel piercing saw blades; uniform in size, shape ans sharpness to assure fast, easy cutting. Saw silver, brass, copper, and steel, rounded backs make it easy to turn corners and follow curves. Length 5-1/4", sold in packs of a dozen. Made in Germany.

Flat Saw Blades
Similar to hacksaw blades, used for straight cuts on rods and tubing. Made in Germany. Length 5-1/4", sold in packs of a dozen.

Lubricant for drawing wire and saw blades. 1/4 oz stick.
4 Piece Jeweler's Saw Set for Cutting Inlays
4 Piece Jeweler's Saw Set for Cutting Inlays
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