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Graver Points & Handles Carbon Steel Gravers are suitable for use on most metals, wood, bone, ivory and onyx, and they are easier to sharpen than high speed steel. If you refer to James B Meek's The Art of Engraving he suggests than 90% of all scroll work can be done with the following engravers:

Point graver #4 will cut most scrolls, #1 for fine detail work.
Knife graver, #2 is for detail.
Square is the most widely used and can be sharpened as a point, or chisel.
Round graver, #50 and #54 are most useful.

Knife Gravers: Preferred for line engraving and deep cuts. No. 2 is the most useful according to James Meeks, author of The Art of Engraving.

Point (onglette) Gravers: Preferred for curved designs, scrolls, and fine lines. Favorites are No 1 and 4. (#1/0 largest and #4 smallest)

Flat Gravers: Preferred for monogram backgrounds, block lettering and parallel engraving. Meek's favorite are 36 and 37. No. 36 smallest flat graver, No.41 largest flat graver.

Round Gravers: Preferred for uneven surfaces, curved letter designs and shading effects. Meek's favorite are 50 and 54. No. 50 is the finest cut, No. 55 the largest cut.

Square Gravers: Square is probably the most widely used and can be sharpened as a point, or a chisel. No. 1 is the smallest square, no. 5 the largest.

Tapered Lozenge Graver Preferred for fine work, script lettering. No. 1 is the smallest square, no. 2 the largest.

Graver Handles: Seasoned high grade hardwood, turned and shaped for comfortable use. Half-head, mushroom shaped. 1-1/2" x 1-1/4". Reinforced steel ferrule for a firm grip on gravers and to resist splitting.

Engraving & Layout White: Layout White is a unique water based coating designed for metal worker. It dries quickly to a non-glare surface that readily accepts pencil or carbon paper layout lines. The layout lines can easily be erased and reapplied without damaging or removing the coating. Suitable for use on all types of metal or plastic. It contains no silica so it will not dull gravers or other tools. Removed with a dilute household ammonia solution, glass cleaner or alcohol.
Carbon steel graver, #39 flat engraver
Carbon steel graver, #39 flat engraver
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