Globe Sight,
the Sniper Front Sight for the
U.S. Model 1863 Remington Contract Riflet.
known as the ZOUAVE Musket
Part Number: FS-ZOUAVE
Availability: Out of Stock, request notification when available.
Price: $41.99
Blued steel, this unusual sight fits the 1863 Remington Contract Rifled Rifle, commonly known as the Zouave Musket.

The large 0.900" diameter ring slips over the muzzle, and snugly fits against the military front blade sight. A slight semi-circular notch is cut into the face of this sight, to perfectly index it to the factory front sight base. A knurled screw locks this sight into position.

The smaller diameter tube is blued steel, with a brass tube inserted with it. Two fine cross hairs are actually thin sheets viewed on end. Very sturdy despite their frail appearance, this sight is made for rugged use. This sight is permitted in most N.M.L.R.A. any metal sight, and many fixed metal sight matches, when using round balls. It may not be allowed in certain as issued musket matches, when using hollow base Minie balls or paper cartridges.

Check with your Gun Club Range Officer before using this sight, since some clubs consider it "cheating"!
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