Powder measure, brass,
adjustable 0 to 50 grains,
without spout
Part Number: MA-050
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Price: $15.99
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This brass measure is adjustable from 0 to 50 grains, clearly marked in 5 and 10 grain increments on the square shank. Brass knurled screws. This measure will last a lifetime. Our #MAF funnel and swivel, sold separately, installs instantly.

Grains or Drams?

Both are archaic English units of weight:
The King declared 7000 “plump grains of wheat" in one English pound. One pound weighs 7000 grains.
One pound is 16 ounces, each ounce has 16 drams.
One pound is 256 drams, one dram is 27-11/32 grains.
Pistols use half to one grain per caliber of bore size.
Rifles and shotguns use one to two grains per caliber of bore size.
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