Ramrod, 32-7/8" for 32" Thompson Center drop-in barrel, by Green Mountain. 3/8" stained hickory. Brass T/C style tips are threaded 10-32 and 8-32.
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Ramrod for 32" Thompson Center drop-in barrel by Green Mountain. Select 3/8" hickory, stained whiskey brown, 32-7.8" long, flared brass tip threaded 8-32 at front, 10-32 thread at rear.

This 32" T/C drop-in barrel is a snug fit in the Lyman Trade Rifle, Cabela's Hawken Rifle, Investarm Hawken Rifle, and other replica rifles based on the T/C design, made by Investarm, Italy.

Made by Track of the Wolf, in Elk River, Minnesota, we make the brass tips and assemble the ramrod.

Certain early Lyman Great Plains rifles have an extra-deep ramrod hole, to accept this 32-7/8" ramrod.

Most Lyman Great Plains Rifles require our 32-1/2" ramrod. Check your rod hole depth to muzzle.
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