Flask Spring,
for smaller replica flasks,
from Italy
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Our new forged steel replacement spring is made of imported steel, to upgrade Italian flask heads. These springs are approximately 7/8" diameter.

Made to fit the smaller pocket size powder flask heads made by in Italy, by Davide Pedersoli. These will normally also fit similar pocket flasks by Palmetto Armory, with minor fitting. The spring teat may need to be thinned to fit in the mounting hole.

Small size flask heads, from Italy, require this spring. Popular small flasks include:

Colt style Pocket Revolver flask;
Philadelphia flask;
Small Eagle flask;
Unum marked flask;
CVA Cylinder flask, Connecticut Valley Arms, brass or leather.

This spring is made to fit small replica flask heads from Italy, such as those made by Pedersoli, Palmetto, and other famous Italian gun makers.

This spring will also fit certain limited production flasks from Italy, embossed with limited issue body designs. All use the same small flask head, with non-standard tiny screw-in spouts.

This spring will not fit our exact replica Hawksley pistol flask, with Syke's patent flameproof powder valve. The Syke's patent flask head rarely needs spare parts, and it is a much more sophisticated and reliable mechanism (and more costly to make) than the inexpensive Italian flask head with simple gate valve.

Click ADD TO CART, for same day shipment. Return it for same day refund, if not delighted. Postage is your only risk.

However, if you try to bend, file, weld, anneal, or modify this spring to fit your flask, you do so at your own risk. We do not offer warrantee parts for Italian flasks, since we cannot obtain them from the factories in Italy.
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