Hooked Breech Plug, for Thompson Center Hawken Rifle,
percussion, 15/16" octagon, with standard 5/8-18 threads
Part Number: PLUG-TC-15-5
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Price: $45.99
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Create a new barrel assembly for your Thompson Center Hawken rifle, or similar imported Hawken rifle by Investarm, Italy. Our hook will match the tang on your Cabela's, Lyman, or Investarm rifle, with very little hand fitting required. It will not fit replica rifles made in Spain.

Tapped for a standard 1/4-28 nipple, order #RST-S

Thompson Center does not sell their breech plug. We manufacture these nearly identical plugs in the U.S.A. This is the plug, only. Apply Birchwood Casey's Choke Tube Lube (anti-seize grease) to nipple threads, to allow easy removal. Order our #BC-CTL.

Drilled with a .360" powder chamber, use this breech plug with a .38 caliber or larger bore. The ignition channel is permanently sealed an invisible location.

Threaded 5/8-18, this wax cast steel plug is CNC machined, with no thread relief, for maximum strength. The octagon flats are very slightly oversize, to easily blend with the barrel flats, when filed and polished.

This style was originally used on .45 or .50 caliber Thompson Center Hawken rifles, percussion, right hand, with a 15/16" octagon barrel. New barrels from .38 to .54 caliber can be made with 5/8-18 breech threads. This plug will fit most new barrels, but will not retro-fit T/C factory barrels threaded 11/16-20.

T/C factory barrels often require our 11/16-20 threaded plug, #PLUG-TC-15-11
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