Iroquois Tomahawk,
2-7/8" edge, wax cast of real brass,
cast-in correct period floral engraving,
tapered 22" hickory handle,
made in the U.S.A.
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Our Iroquois tomahawk head is wax cast real yellow brass. The 6-1/4" head has a 2-7/8" edge. The head is a precise wax casting, and will require deburring and polishing.

Deburr the front of the "poll" (hammer face), to remove the casting gage, using a few long strokes of a fine file. Polish the blade surfaces by hand, using fine emery paper or fine sandpaper, backed with a hard rubber or wooden block. Avoid using power wheels which give a modern "bright buffed" appearance.

Includes our 22" long hickory Carlos Gove pattern tomahawk handle with a swell along the bottom of the handle. Sanded smooth, this handle is ready for stain or oil finishing, if desired.

To fill and darken the cast-in engraving, or to give the brass head an antiqued finish, use our #BC-BB-2 brass black finish.

The eye is shaped with a flat poll with molded edges, engraved with an incised star burst design. The blade has an incised line and a dashed border, with a traditional leaf design.

Made in the U.S.A., this precision wax casting is made exclusively for Track, cast of new real yellow brass, not that awful hard brittle naval surplus silicon bronze that is sometimes mis-identified as "brass", sold elsewhere.
Tomahawk handle,
18" hickory,
for larger Tomahawks
Tomahawk handle, 18" hickory, for larger Tomahawks
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Track's Catalog 18,
Out of Print
Please use our FREE on-line catalog and web site.
Track's Catalog 18, Out of Print Please use our FREE on-line catalog and web site.
Part Number: CATALOG-18
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