Fingerweaving Basics,
by Gerald L. Findley
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Fingerweaving is the art of producing useful textiles without the use of a loom. Various forms of fingerweaving are found throughout the world. This book, however deals only with the two forms of fingerweaving commonly found among the people of North America: warpface weaving and openface weaving.

This book uses wonderful full color illustrations to show what is happening to the strands as the weaving is being performed.

Table of Contents includes the following:

  • Getting Started
  • Warpface Weaving
    • Diagonal Pattern: Over/under Weave
    • Chevron Pattern: Over/under Weave
    • Reversed Chevron: Over/under Weave
    • Double Chevron:
      • Double Chevron: W Pattern
      • Double Chevron: M Pattern
    • Chevron Pattern: Over Two/ Under Two
    • Reversed Chevron: Over Two/ Under Two
    • Lightning Pattern
    • Double Lightning Pattern
    • Arrowhead Patter: Over/Under Weave (point down)
    • Arrowhead Patter: Over/Under Weave (point up)
    • Arrowhead Pattern: Over Two/Under Two (point down
    • Changing Direction: Over Two/Under Two
    • Arrowhead Pattern: Over Two/Under Two (Point Up)
  • Openface Weaving
    • Plain Weaving
    • Joining Beads
    • Borders
    • Adding Bead Accent
      • Diamond Pattern: Carrier Strands
      • Over/Under Only
        • Three bead Diamond Mesh
        • Six Bead Diamond Mesh
        • Six Bead Zigzag
        • Four Bead Diamond Mesh
    • Colored Strands Accent
      • With Bead Accent Carrier Strand
      • With Bead Accent: Over/Under Weave
    • Diamond Design
    • Twining
      • Twining and Beads Combined
    • Warp Accent
      • Warp Accent with Beads
  • Fringes
    • Tied Fringe
    • Braided Fringe
      • Bead Accented
    • Twisted Fringe
  • Glossary
  • Index

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