Suppliers to The Confederacy,
British Imported Arms and Accoutrements

by Craig L. Barry & David C. Burt
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In this book, the authors provide a fresh look at the incredible impact the English had on supplying the Confederacy and its effect on the U.S. Civil War. New research includes the discovery of lost information on many of the commercial gun makers. This book also looks at the implements and accouterments issued with the Enfield rifle musket, including the cap pocket, pouch, ball bags and knapsack; right down to the muzzle stopper. Each piece of equipment carried by the Confederate soldiers and now they were supposed to be used. This book also looks at how this equipment was purchased, from where any by whom, and how it was shipped over to the Confederate states.

Chapters include:
  • British accouterments in the Confederate service
  • Early Confederate purchases
  • The English gun trade
  • History of some larger Birmingham gun makers
  • History of some larger London gun makers
  • Enfield rifle implements
  • Appendices

Hard cover, 192 pages, 6" x 9" format, color photos.

By Craig Barry and David Burt.
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