British Military Flintlock Rifles

by De Witt Bailey Ph. D.
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Historians have always been intrigued by Riflemen and the special weapons that they carried. This fascination even extends to the general public, as can be seen by the popularity of such books and television shows as Sharpe's Rifles.

Unfortunately, until now there has been little solid information available about the rifles themselves and which units carried them into battle. In this exciting new book, respected author De Witt Bailey will answer all of these questions and more! Starting with the Seven Years War, he tells the whole story right through the American Revolution, the Napoleonic Age and to the end of the flintlock era. Each rifle is illustrated in truly exceptional photographs, 320 in all, with the important details shown in large clear close-ups.

No matter whether you are interested in military history, marksmanship in the British Army, accoutrements and ammunition, or flintlock rifles themselves, this book will be sure to thrill you. Even such unexpected topics as the rifles given as gifts to the American Indians in British service are carefully explained and illustrated. And it is all documented by decades of archival research and the inspection of countless surviving rifles throughout the English speaking world. Whether you are a military historian eager to learn about the exciting story of Riflemen in the British service, or an antique firearms enthusiast who needs help identifying a rifle in his collection, this book will quickly become one of your most trusted references. Hardcover 9 x 11", 263 pages. Beautiful black and white photos. This is a must have book!

The Table of Contents includes the following:
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 The Beginnings: 1740-1772
    • The Seven Years War 1755-1764
  • Chapter 2 The American War, First Phase
    • The Hanoverian-made Pattern 1776 Rifle
    • The Birmingham-made Patter 1776 Rifle
    • Issues
    • Ammunition
  • Chapter 3 The Ferguson Rifle from Manufacture to the Battle of Monmouth Court House
    • Ammunition
  • Chapter 4 German Riflemen and their Rifles in the American War
    • Hesse-Cassel
    • Hesse-Hanau
    • Ansbach-Bayreuth
    • Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel
    • Anhalt-Zerbst
    • Summary
    • Rifles
    • Ammunition
  • Chapter 5 Loyalist Riflemen 1775-1783
  • Chapter 6 Indian Rifles in British Service to 1783
  • Chapter 7 Rifle Development in the Interwar Years, 1783-1793
    • The Pattern 1785 Crespi-Egg Breech-loading Light Dragoon Carbines
    • The Pattern 1793 Royal Horse Artillery Pistol-Carbine
  • Chapter 8 The British Rifle and Rifle-armed Units during the French Revolutionary Wars, 1793-1802
    • The Prussian Rifle Muskets
    • Captured Foreign Rifles
    • "Not a has-been, just a never-was"
  • Chapter 9 The Baker Infantry Rifle, 1800-1814
    • Early Baker Production
    • Pattern 1800 Rifle
    • Pattern 1801 Rifle for West India Regiments
    • Pattern 1805 Infantry Rifle
    • Pattern 1810 Musket-bore Infantry Rifle
    • Dublin-made Baker Rifles?
    • Possible Modifications
    • Pattern 1807 Rifled Wall Piece
  • Chapter 10 Cavalry Rifles, 1790s-1828
    • British Cavalry Rifles 1793-1802
    • Pattern 1801 Life Guards Rifle
    • Pattern 1803 Cavalry Rifle
    • Pattern 1812 Life Guards Rifled Carbine
    • Pattern 1813 Cavalry Rifle
    • Pattern 1813/27 Cavalry Rifle
  • Chapter 11 Postwar Baker Rifles
    • Pattern 1800/15 Baker Rifle altered for socket-bayonet
    • Pattern 1820 Baker Rifle
      • The Royal Manufactory Enfield - Background
    • Pattern 1823 Baker Rifle
    • Pattern 1823 Shah of Persia Baker Rifles, 1836
    • The Victorian Baker Rifle
  • Chapter 12 Baker Rifle Bayonets, 1800-1838
    • Pattern 1800 (First Pattern)
    • Pattern 1801 (Second Pattern)
    • Pattern 1806 Saw-back
    • Pattern 1815 Socket Bayonet
    • Pattern 1816 Saw-back Rifleman's Sword
    • Modified Duke of Richmond's musket bayonets for Pattern 1800/15 and Pattern 1820 Baker Rifles
    • Pattern 1823 Hand Bayonet
    • Pattern 1825 Hand Bayonet
  • Chapter 13 Accoutrements and Ammunition for the Baker Rifle
    • Rifle Tools and Maintenance
    • Accoutrements
    • Powder Horns
    • Powder Flasks
    • Powder Chargers
    • Ball Bags
    • Mallets
    • Cartridge Pouches
    • Lock Caps (Covers)
    • Bayonet Scabbards
    • Tools and Accoutrements for the Shah of Persia's Baker Rifles, 1836
    • Bullet Moulds
    • Baker Rifle Ammunition
  • Chapter 14 Rifle Corps in the British Army, 1798-1841
    • The 60th Regiment of Foot
    • The Rifle Corps (1800), 95th Foot (1802), Rifle Brigade (1816)
    • The 7th, 9th, 10th, 14th, 15th, 18th and 23d Light Dragoons
    • The King's German Legion
    • The Ceylon Rifle Regiment
    • The Royal Canadian Rifle Regiment
    • The Portuguese Cacadores
    • Other Foreign-based Rifle Companies post-1800
    • Ad-hoc Rifle Companies is British Regiments
    • The British Militia
    • Bulk, non-specific, rifle issues
  • Chapter 15 British Army Rifle Marksmanship with the Flintlock Rifle
  • Chapter 16 Rifles for Indians in British Service, 1783-1840
    • The Board of Ordnance 1813 Contract Indian Rifles
    • The Tatham Rifles of Captain Norton, 1816
    • The Last of the Government-gift Flintlock Trade Rifles
  • Chapter 17 A Miscellany of Unexplained British Military Rifles
  • Appendices
  • Endnotes Listed by Chapter
  • Bibliography of Printed Works
  • Index

ISBN: 1-931464-03-0
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