Sharpening Woodworking Tools,
How to Achieve the Sharpest Cutting Edges with Traditional Techniques
by Rudolf Dick
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There is much discussion among artisans when it comes to improving the cutting behavior of tools quickly and permanently, but the debate is settled here, where expert engineers and master craftsmen prove teh benefits of sharpening blades and tools using methods based on time-tested Japanses water stone grinding techniques. Leatn through detailed intructions how to get perfect edges on your chisels, planes, axes an hatchets, woodcarving and woodturning tools, drill bits, and handsaws in a tool-conserving and the best sense of the wood--sustainable way, using stones, files and specially designed machines. Manual sharpening has the added advantange that only as much material as absolutely necessary is take off the steel. Founded on a scientific understanding of the steel types and sharpening mean and filled with valuable tips, this guide is a standard setting volume and the ideal companion on the path to acquireing sharper and better edges on all your hand tools. Hard cover, 220 pages, full color, 7-1/4 x 10-1/4" format.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
  • About the Author
  • Credits
  • Preface
  • Basics
    • Sharpness -- Definition and Influential Factors
    • The Ten Rules of Sharpening
  • Bevel Edged and Mortise Chisels
    • Western Bevel-Edged and Mortise Chisels
    • Japanese Bevel-Edged Chisels
  • Planes
    • Western Planes
    • Japanese Planes
    • Spokeshaves and Drawing Knives
    • Card Scrapers
  • Scribing, Veneer, and Carving Knives
    • Chisel Grind
    • Grind on Both Sides
  • Axes and Hatchets
    • Cutting Edge Geometry
    • Curved Cutting Edge Line
    • Straight Cutting Edge Line
    • Repairing Cutting Edge Nicks
  • Woodcarving Tools
    • General Tips/Reccomentations
    • Straight Chisels with Double Bevel
    • Gouges
    • V-tooks (V-Gouges)
  • Woodturning Tools
    • Steel Types
    • General Tips/Reccomentations
    • Spindle Gouges
    • Skew Chisels
    • Parting Tools
    • Scrapers and Hollowing Tools
  • Drill Bits
    • Basic Facts
    • Spade Drill Bits
    • Auger Bits
    • Lip and Spur (Brade Point) Drill Bits
    • Forstner Bits
    • Universal Twist Drill Bits
  • Hand Saws
    • Western Saws
    • Japanese Saws
  • Sharpening Means
    • Sharpening Stones
    • Diamond Sharpening Means
    • Other Sharpening Means and Equipment
  • Steel Science
    • Basics
    • Steel Types
    • Heat Treatment
    • Hardness of Steel
    • Deformation and Fracture
    • What Happens During Sharpening?
    • What Happens During Stropping?
  • Index
  • Glossery
  • List of Sources

ISBN: 978-0-7643-5349-9

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