The Gunsmith Manual, Practical Guide to all branches of the Trade, 1883 reprint
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Originally printed in 1883, The Gunsmith's Manual is generally considered to be the first substantive work dealing with gunsmithing in detail. Includes an extensive history of the gun, including the invention of gun powder, the first rifle and information on gun care, maintenance, tools, metalworking, repairs, browning and much more. Still highly relevant for today's firearm owners and builders - the author's recommendation for removing a rusted-in screw, for example, is still widely used over one hundred years later.

Chapters include:

  • History of the gun
  • How guns are made
  • Guns now in use
  • Pistols now in use
  • On general gunsmithing
  • Taking apart, cleaning and putting guns together
  • Tools required for work
  • Tools, and how to make them
  • The work bench
  • On working iron
  • On working steel
  • On working in silver, copper and brass
  • On working in wood
  • On gun stocks
  • On gun barrels
  • On gun locks
  • On browning
  • On powder and shot
  • Calibers of guns, rifling, twist of rifling & etc.
  • And much more

    Soft cover, 5" x 7" format, 376 pages, black & white period images.
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