Scrimshaw: The Whalers Legacy,
by Martha Lawrence
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Scrimshaw has always evoked the romance and mystique of the great age of sail. As whalers of many nations explored the oceans of the world, crew members turned their hands to scrimshaw. The combination of idle hours and a desire for artistic expression resulted in many wonderful pieces of scrimshaw - from utilitarian shipboard tools to intricate carvings and detailed etchings. The author's research covers every facet of the art of scrimshaw, from its origins on whaling ships, to the daily life of sailors, to the materials, themes, and tools used to create these objects. Todays collectors will find the chapters on collecting especially helpful. Includes over 400 color photos.

Chapters include:
  • Dawn of an industry
  • The golden age
  • The men who hunted whales
  • The raw materials
  • Themes and techniques
  • Scrimshaw and home
  • The legacy preserved: scrimshaw collectors
  • The legacy continued: contemporary scrimshawanders

Hard cover, 230 pages, 8-3/4" x 11-1/4" format, color images.

By Martha Lawrence.
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