For Trade and Treaty,
Firearms of the American Indians,
1600 - 1920,
by Ryan R. Gale
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For Trade and Treaty by author Ryan R. Gale is our most comprehensive work on the subject of Native American firearms to date.

Filled with hundreds of full color images of dozens of original northwest guns, trade fusils, and treaty guns, this book's wide 11" landscape format allows images up to 22" across the gutter.

This book also contains new research, numerous fur trade and government invoices, inventories and other firearm records never before published.

Chapters include:
  • History
  • Markings
  • Proofing
  • Repairs
  • Evolution
  • The Dutch
  • Old and New France
  • The British Colonies
  • Hudson's Bay Company
  • North West Company
  • X.Y. Company
  • American Fur Company
  • Pierre Chouteau Jr. & Co.
  • British Government Gift Guns
  • United States Trade and Treaty Guns
  • Ammunition and Accouterments

Includes detailed, color photographs of dozens of French, English, American and Belgian made fowling guns, northwest guns, trade rifles and shotguns from collections throughout the United States and Canada.

Learn how these unique firearms were made, decorated, proofed, distributed, repaired and modified. Many of these guns have never been published.

New research reveals never before published purchase orders, invoices and inventories of the French, British and American governments and the major fur companies such as the Hudson's Bay Co., North West Co., X.Y. Co., American Fur Co. and Pierre Chouteau Jr. & Co. Learn who made the firearms traded and given to the Native Americans, in what numbers and various lengths and calibers.

A must-have for the historic gun builder, each firearm show-cased includes detailed dimensions, bore sizes, and locations of important details are documented and included for every gun.

Close-up views of the marks and small details are explained, providing valuable insights. The author also shows counterfeit marks used by the competing fur trade companies to gain advantage.

Trade guns include fowling guns, northwest guns, trade rifles, single and double shotguns from such famous makers as Jacob Dickert, Henry Leman, Edward K. Tryon, Henry Deringer, J.J. Henry, Thomas Barnett, Benjamin Willets, Robert Wilson, Parker Field & Co., Robert Wheeler and William Chance & Son to name a few. Surplus military guns were also offered in trade.

Period records also reveal information about the vast quantities of ammunition and accouterments, powder horns, knives, jags, and ball molds that were traded.

Photographed, researched, written, and artistically arranged by noted author and photographer Ryan R. Gale, this full color book is soft bound, with 200 pages.

ISBN: 978-0-9765797-5-5

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