Rifles, Rangers & Revolution,
How the Elite Queen's Loyal American Rangers
Took Full Advantage of the Explosive Military Technology of 1776

by Jeff John
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Military technology was in constant evolution and the American Revolution accelerated the creation of the new arms and tactics. The one unit using all of these new technologies most capably was the Queen's Loyal American Rangers. The Rangers did more with less and never lost a battle until their surrender at Yorktown. This book explores the variety of small arms the unit employed as well as the tactical philosophy ensuring their continued success. Paperback, 7 x 10" format, full color, 148 pages.

The Table of Contents includes the following:
    Part I
    • Chapter 1: An Explosion of Innovative Technology
      • New rifles, new cannon and new tactics.
    • Chapter 2: A Legendary Leader
      • The Rangers rise again.
    • Chapter 3: A Coveted Command
      • Leading from the front.
    • Chapter 4: Hearts & Minds
      • The civilian equation.
    • Chapter 5: A Green Revolution
      • Not "uniformly red" as the opposition discovered.
    Part II: Small Arms of the Rangers
    • Chapter 6: The Platypus Rifle
      • The unique muzzleloading P1776 rifle shared features with a musket.
    • Chapter 7: Rifle Ammunition
      • An improved spin on versatility.
    • Chapter 8: Handling & Tactics
      • Employment of the P1776.
    • Chapter 9: Traveling Light
      • Always prepared for action.
    • Notes on Cleaning: Oh! What an odious chore!
      • However necessary, it wasn't easy or fun.
    • Chapter 10: The Ferguson Rifle
      • A truly "revolutionary" concept!
    • Chapter 11: The Paoli Massacre
      • A squad of Ferguson's Rifles springs a bloody surprise.
    • Chapter 12: What Became of the Fergusons?
      • The rifles and the men vanish from memory.
    • Chapter 13: Ferguson's Promise Lost
      • "What Might Have Been..."
    • Chapter 14: The Brown Bess
      • Anchor of the Thin Red Line.
    • Chapter 15: Cavalry
      • Projecting Force by Horse.
    • Chapter 16: Arms of the Cavalry
      • Sabres, rifles, carbines, pistols.
    • Chapter 17: The Chicanery of Action
      • Aways Practice to Deceive.
    • Chapter 18: Spencer's Ordinary
      • The Master of Chicanery at work again!.
    Part III
    • Chapter 19: The Grasshopper Gun
        A purpose-built cannon for America.
    • Chapter 20: A Modern Era
        Let the Industrial revolution begin!
    • Chapter 21: Three 3-pounders
        There was surprising variety in the little guns.
    • Chapter 22: Puzzles & Power
        Small guns, small punch.
    • Chapter 23: Pounds & Powder
        Less can be more.
    • Chapter 24: Bait & Switch
        The Osborn's.
    • Chapter 26: One Effective Insect
        The Grasshopper re-imagined.
    • Chapter 27: The Price of Poundage
        Moving iron is hard work!
    • Chapter 28: Manning a Gun
        A glimpse at the tools of the trade.
    • Chapter 29: Yorktown
        The beginning of the end of British rule.
    Part IV: Repros at the Range
    • Chapter 30: The Furguson
        Easy to shoot, accurate to boot!
    • Chapter 31: Shooting The Pattern 1776
        A (not so) "common" muzzleloading rifle.
      Chapter 32: The Brown Bess
        Repro quality levels.
    • Chapter 33: The Eliott Light Dragoon Pistol
        The Loyalist Arms import cleaned up nicely and shoots well.
    Appendix i: Footnotes & Further Reading
    Appendix ii: Notes About the Paintings
    Appendix iii: Weights and Measures of the Arms
    Appendix iv: Another Revolution Started with a Bang!
    Appendix v: Sutlers Row & About the Author

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