Colt's Single Action Army, Loading and Shooting the Peacemaker, by Dave Scovill
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In this book the author shares his knowledge of how to develop accurate loads for Colt single action army revolvers and the skills needed to shoot them. From the original first generation guns to replicas, these guns all have different chamber and throat dimensions which can make developing loads difficult. From his reloading expertise, the author provides you with the tips you need to help develop correct loads using the right bullet diameters for different Colts and their replicas.

Chapters include:

  • .38 S&W Special
  • .38 WCF (38-40 Winchester)
  • .41 Colt
  • .44 S&W Special and Russian
  • .44 WCF (.44-40 Winchester)
  • Cast bullet loads for revolvers
  • The Mysterious .44s
  • .45 Colt
  • .450, .455 Colt, .476 Eley
  • Colts through the years
  • The "other" Colts
  • Source list
  • Burn rate chart

    Hard cover, 165 pages, color photographs, by Dave Scovill.
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