Cartridge Case,
.297 - .230 Morris Long
for Rook & Rabbit Rifle,
unprimed brass, no headstamp,
use small rifle primer, each
Part Number: CASE-297-230-MORRIS-LONG
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Not available for export outside the U.S.A.
Cartridge case for .297 - .230 Morris Long, for Rook & Rabbit rifle, new unprimed brass, unmarked, use small rifle primer. Often confused with the similar .297 - .230 Morris Short, or the .297 - .230 Morris Sporting, you can easily trim this case, and full length size it, to fit either of these other variations.

Sub-caliber adaptors were popular accessories for Martini Henry military rifles, used for gallery practice. Rook and Rabbit rifles are generally tip-open single shot rifles, with tapered octagon barrels, two or three leaf rear sights, often bearing the famous brand name of a London or Birmingham reseller.

This bottleneck brass case is designed to accept a cast lead heel base bullet, sometimes called an outside lubricated bullet..

Use the #LEE-SHELL-7 shell for .22 Hornet. Dies are offered by Buffalo Arms on their website.

This centerfire case is about as powerful as a .22 rimfire cartridge, and may be reloaded many times. Wash fired cases in hot water on the same day they were fired, to preserve them.
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