Lee .600" round ball mold,
double cavity, with handles,
for .62 rifles and 20 gauge guns.
Part Number: LEE-600-DC
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Price: $37.99
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Recommended for 20 gauge guns and .62 caliber rifles, the .600" ball works well in barrels with a .615" or larger bore. We offer the #LEE-595-DC ball mold for slightly tighter bores, typically .610" at the muzzle. We recommend pure soft lead for muzzle loading balls.

Lee molds are aluminum blocks, in permanently attached steel handles with sturdy grips. Handles are included and installed at no extra cost, ready to use.

Aluminum blocks will not rust. Lead will not adhere. They heat quickly. Softer than blued steel molds, aluminum molds require gentle handling. Treat these high precision molds with care and respect, they will last a lifetime.

The cavity cannot rust. Cavity is finish pressed using a carbide ball, with 30 tons pressure. The tangent sprue cutter leaves no stem.

Scrub a new mold with strong liquid dish detergent and hot tap water, using a toothbrush. Remove the thin film of factory preservative oil, else that oil will vaporize causing wrinkles. Dry the mold and place it over (not in) your lead pot, until the heat of the pot drives off any remaining oil vapors (about 30 minutes for first use). You can often see oil vapors as "clear smoke" when viewed in direct sunlight. Once cleaned and oil free, this mold needs never be oiled again. We avoid the use of "mold lubricant" oil, grease, or wax.
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