Lee Sprue Lever, replacement, for six cavity mold.
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Lee six cavity molds use this special cam action sprue plate opening lever.

If you repeatedly pour lead into the cam action lever, freezing it in place, extra force is needed to open the sprue, and it can eventually be broken. If so, order this low cost replacement sprue plate lever.

To avoid this problem, pour hot lead alloy over the sprue plate, repeatedly, until the hot sprues are more easily sheared, despite the lack of cam action. Then, avoid splashing lead under this cam action lever.

The cavities cannot rust. Six cavity molds do not come with handles, order #LEE-HANDLE.

Gently break in your new mold. New molds require a break in period, and are most likely to be damaged during first use. Wash the mold cavity, dry, and lubricate the cavity and the underside of the sprue plate with candle smoke. As you cast, increase your casting speed to increase temperature and bullet quality. Apply more smoke, as needed. Be gentle!
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